A Guide to Choosing The Best Laser Metal Cutting Machine

You may come to a point where you make up your mind on buying a laser machine. At this point, you may find yourself drawn in an unwanted circumstance where you see literally hundreds of sellers and dealers who are claiming to sell the best product. To make the matters worse, every single seller can show you the testimonials and reviews that may tempt you.
Given the numerous types of lasers and the materials involved, picking the best laser machine can pose to be a challenging task. Having an understanding of the laser characteristics and the material properties can be essential in making an optimal choice. Below is a short description and guide on how to choose the best laser metal cutting machine.
1. Make a choice on the type of machine
You can search for the laser cutters that fit the description of what you want to cut.

(a) Desktop Laser Cutter

If you are in search for a compact machine that is used by most of the hobbyists and for the small businesses, a desktop laser cutter is the best option. These types of machines come with build in accessories including the vacuum trays, cooling tanks and dust collection trays.

(b) Laser wood cutter

A laser woodcutter is slightly different to an ordinary laser cutter and engraver because u will need a dust collector and various other elements. Wood can thus be cut and shaped into any kind of object including toys, household items and even 3D display images. Wood often requires more speed and a higher power for the creation of parts and the crafts.

(c) CNC Laser cutters

One of the best laser cutters is the CNC (computer numeral control) cutters. CNC means that the machine is automated and completes very detailed and intricate cuts that etch quickly and easily. CNC Lasers enables one to create an image of what you want to cut and input the final design into the software.

2. The speed of the Machine

More profits can be realized in a short period of time when working with high-speed laser metal cutting machine. Speed is an important factor that you should consider when making a purchase for these machines.

3. Making a choice on Power Consumption

24-40 Watts machines - This type of machine is ideal for the stamp carvings and simple engravings and is not recommended for the thick cutting or the dual head applications.

40-60 Watts machine - This machine is ideal for the medium engraving and the slightly thick cutting operations.

60-80 Watts Machine - For the high production power levels with an increased throughput. Good for the deep engraving and cuttings.

100-180 Watts Machine - This is a very high production power level that is ideal for the heavy cutting with a higher throughput engraving.

200 Watts Machine - It is very suitable for thin material cutting.

500 Watts Machine - It can be used to cut brass. Aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and other materials.

4. Other features

There are quite a number of other important features that should be put into considerations. A good mechanical design is quite important. Make sure that the laser machine is easy to operate and that it comes with all the guide and user manuals. Check on the durability of the machine. Make sure that it comes with a warranty to ascertain its authenticity.

Guidelines for choosing the best laser cutting machine

1. Buy the machine that will specifically tackle the work that you want to work on. Choose the machines that are specifically designed for engraving, carving and cutting metals, plastics, wood, leather or stone. If your job is for engraving the precious materials such as gold, silver or other jewelry, go for the specifically designed engraving machines.

2. Weight and size matters when it comes to choosing the machine that fits your workplace or the amount of work that you plan.

3. Determine the model of the machine that you want. CNC machines have different models and each model comes in different sizes.

4. Go for the laser machine if you are tired of working with the mechanical CNC engraving machines. A laser machine does work smart and does not require a cutting tool to mark the material.

5. Consider the workload and the capability to perform the tasks as required. Make sure that the machine is fast, nimble and that it is not temperamental to ensure that it meets the production targets without any forms of interruption.

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