Export Goods from China? You Deserve a Tax Refund!

Lots of businessmen doing export goods from China rely on some improper ways to export, actually doing in this way could cause some potential risks.
1. Costs time on waiting
Goods may face at least 1-6 months of being detained in customs inspection. What you can do is keeping calling all your personal resource and providing a set of complicated documents to try to fix it up.

2. Costs money on detaining by customs
Shipping liners charge detention/demurrage. Normally it costs you RMB 100 per day the first week, and it quickly ups to RMB 200 per day the second week. This number still continues to increase!

3. Costs negative influence on your personal credit
If goods are detained by customs, your company will be set into the blacklist of their database, and the residency in China for non-Chinese citizens will probably be affected negatively.

Now, you could still choose to export irresponsibly or do it in a right way, we kindly remind you of that regulated export could help you to get a tax refund from the Chinese government.

Have you ever thought about an export tax refund?

Export tax refund in China is up to 17% of the value of goods!
Export tax refund is a policy made by the Chinese government in order to encourage enterprises to export. Simply speaking, while goods are exported, you can not only get profits by selling goods to customers but also gain the tax back which you paid the Chinese government. How much of the tax refund is defined by a formula as follow:

Export Tax Refund = Tax Refund Rate* Value of Goods

The tax refund rate is depended on different types of products, normally it is from 5% -17% of the values of goods.

How can I get an export tax refund?

1. First of all, the goods are necessary to be granted legitimate and effective value-added tax invoices which are issued by the manufacturer and those invoices can be applied for customs declaration.

2. After you receive the foreign currency which is in line with the amount of customs declaration, you are qualified to apply for export tax refund from Chinese government.

3. You could choose to export by enterprise holds the general taxpayer qualification or any enterprise appointed by you with the certificate. In this way, no matter companies or individuals have a chance to get export tax refund.

Except for the advantage of a tax refund, Chinese government encourages enterprise to declare legally. Actually, it helps saving time/money to get rid of the potential risks on shipping.

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Export Tax Refund´╝č
You Deserve It!

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