How to Avoid Being Blacklisted by Chinese Government?

Being blacklisted is not a thing that you want. China is now building a social credit system nationwide. Under this system, bigger, combined data pools are built to calculate individuals or companies’ rating, which would then be used to determine all social manner of activities.

Individuals or companies which violate the rules might get degraded in the credit system and finally be blacklisted! Serious troubles in applying for visas, loans, faster treatment at government offices, access to luxury hotels would be encountered.

What factors lead to being blacklisted?

For individuals:
o Overstaying your visa;
o Entering the country illegally;
o Cheating the visa office to get visas, such as providing false information;
o Using a forged visa or passport;
o Working or doing business illegally, such as working on a L visa or Q visa;
o The driver’s licence is detained for more than 3 months for breaking the traffic laws;
o Being a suspect of a criminal or civil case.

For companies:

o The company is listed as ‘Enterprises with Abnormal Operation’ for more than 3 years but hasn’t done any corrections;
o Register or cancell the company with false materials;
o The company is punished for more than twice in 5 years due to trademark infringement;
o The company is punished for more than twice in 3 years due to false advertisements.

The consequences of being blacklisted?
For individuals:
The negative record may lead to rejection to future China visa application, or what’s worse, be deported from China.

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For companies:

o The record of blacklist stays everlasting;
o Be restricted in opening bank account, loan, applying for the credit card;
o Be restricted in the market access;
o The legal person of the blacklisted company is disallowed to be in the same position of other companies in 3 years.
o The legal person of the blacklisted company is disallowed to buy high-speed train tickets, Soft Sleeper class train tickets and air tickets.

Where to check your credit?
For individuals:
For visa issues, you can check your visa problems at the Entry and Exit Administration of your local municipal Public Security Bureau.
To check other credit issues, including banking credit records, taxes owing records, administrative penalty records and mobile arrears, click Credit Reference Center the People’s Bank of China (, English version available.

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